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InFantry is recruiting and YOU are welcome to join.All you have to do is:

1.Make an acc on our web site that is

2.Download RaidCall from and enter our ID 4843612.

3.Play and support 1 of our games from the list below.

Then watch the video

This clan supports:Games:

1.War Inc Battlezone

2.EVE Online

3.StarTrek Online

4.Micro Volts


6.Combat Arms


4. Follow our rules, if you cannot comply with one let us know.


1. Be respectful of all players in clan and out of clan. Listen to your advisers, mods, and leaders. No exceptions. No one is better than their fellow member, Leader or Regular.

2. No hacking, no glitching, no exploitation of the game. If you are caught, there will be no exceptions. Auto-banned.

3. No trash talking or boasting in game. It makes you and the whole clan look bad and will be dealt with seriously.

4. Must be 15 or older, to join. If you do not have a mic, you have 3 weeks to get one. Members enrolled prior to the publication of these rules are the only exceptions to the rule of age, though not the rule of mic. This rule is in place to ensure the maturity of our players, and clan. Requests for exceptions can be made to clan leadership.

5. Must register on and remain active in the forums. On average, this should be at least 3 times a week.

6. Must have RaidCall installed and working. Everyone must be active on raidcall every time you are in game. Your raidcall name must be the same as your in-game name to nullify any confusion. Set a push to talk button. No free talking please. A PTT is really good for stopping confusion as to who is talking and to stop background feedback. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!

7. Must be active 7+ hours a week. If you're going to be away, or cannot play the 7+, be sure to let us know and why on the forums.

8. Recruit a minimum of 3 people per month. They must meet all requirements.

9. When recruiting, recruit people with Kill/Death Ratios of 1.00 or higher. It is not required at the moment, but will look good for you. Also, post who you have recruited on our website so we know when you recruited him/her and on what map.

10. Most importantly: have fun, and represent us with dignity and respect.

11. No double clanning! If you have more than one account, you need to pick one clan to be with! If you do not do this, we will pick for YOU -- You will be kicked. No arguing over this. We will not tolerate double clanning, double raidcalling. For instance, if you are playing and have an INF tag but are not on our raidcall with our members, also breaking rule 6, and are in another clan's raidcall playing with them, you'd may as well be a part of them.

You are a part of InFantry, no other clan. Act like it.